White Knuckles Digital EP and 10″ Vinyl

October 12, 2010

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We are pleased to announce two new releases – a White Knuckles digital EP and a 10″ limited edition single on vinyl. These are available everywhere in the world, except for the USA and Canada…

Ahem. Sorry about that. STILL, you can get all these remixes and more when you purchase the Extra Nice Edition of our album. So chin up, North Americans…

You can buy the digital EP at the following locations:

White Knuckles Digital EP Track Listing:
1. White Knuckles (Album Mix)
2. White Knuckles (Boys Like Us Mix)
3. White Knuckles (Static Revenger Club Mix)
4. White Knuckles (Sam Sparro Remix)
5. White Knuckles (Static Revenger Instrumental Dub)
6. White Knuckles (Neil Voss Remix)

And the 10″ vinyl is available in extremely limited quantities from these fine merchants:
Juno Records
Record Store

White Knuckles 10″ Vinyl Track Listing:
Side A
1. White Knuckles (Neil Voss Remix)
2. All Is Not Lost (Serious Business Remix)

Side B
1. This Too Shall Pass (Passion Pit Remix)
2. White Knuckles (Boys Like Us Remix)