WTF? Video Remix Project from OK Go

We are pleased to announce a video remix project for our video “WTF?”
[vimeo width=”551″ height=”303″][/vimeo]
We want you, our lovely and creative fans, to remix the WTF? video using the raw footage as shot by filmmaker Tim Nackashi. Tim shot the whole video using a “greenscreen” background like this:
[youtube width=”551″ height=”303″][/youtube]
Which allows you to supply your own background layer to the video like this:
[vimeo width=”551″ height=”303″][/vimeo]

So Remix Our Video!

We invite you to:


And don’t feel like you need to remix the entire video. A small excerpt is just fine. Here’s an example by our friend Casey Opstad (thanks Casey!).

[vimeo width=”551″ height=”303″][/vimeo]

Helpful Links

What is Chroma Key / Greenscreen?
Chroma Key / Greenscreen Tutorial for Final Cut Pro
Chroma Key / Greenscreen Tutorial for iMovie
Chroma Key / Greenscreen Tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro
Download the Greenscreen Footage File Here


    • the project is pretty much open-ended, though we’ll be paying close attention for the next two months and maybe sending out some cool stuff to the people who’s videos particularly tickle our fancy…

  1. I made a WTF remix a while back but I used Adobe Premiere Pro, which now only has Keying and no GreenScreen option anymore, so basically the quality isn’t great. Hence, why I never sent it in. Sadness. :(

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