Damian's Washington Post Op-Ed on Net Neutrality

Damian dropped some knowledge on the wide world today, courtesy of an op-ed piece in the Washington Post:

On the Internet, when I send my ones and zeros somewhere, they shouldn’t have to wait in line behind the ones and zeros of wealthier people or corporations. That’s the way the Net was designed, and it’s central to a concept called “net neutrality,” which ensures that Internet service providers can’t pick favorites.

Recently, though, big telecommunications companies have argued that their investment in the Net’s infrastructure should allow them more control over how it’s used. The concerned nerds of the world are up in arms, and there’s been a long, loud public debate…


  1. very interesting this article. I like the clearness and the coherence.
    I hope to read other things of this kind. maybe in the future you could link other news about how this matter developes…
    (p.s. … at least you have a *real* president and a *real* governement!!)

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