Dance With Your City

November 15, 2010

Hi everyone.  On Wednesday we’re hosting a parade!  We’re gathering friends and fans and a whole bunch of instruments and playing an 8-mile-long collaborative party-concert.  The dawn of battery-powered amplifiers has come, and we are putting ours in wagons and harnessing them to ourselves and taking the rock to the streets.  But really it’s more than a parade, because it’s also a giant collective city-sized drawing of the the letters ‘OK GO’ using ourselves as the ‘Etch’ and Los Angeles as the ‘Sketch’ in one giant, city-sized musical Etch-a-Sketch-ing. If this doesn’t make any sense, allow Damian to clarify:

Clear? We’re able to throw this party because Range Rover Evoque (it’s a car) has a program (the City Shapers Program) to fund art projects in twelve cities around the world, and this is ours.  We’re using standard GPS technology and an iPhone app to track our journey and draw out our path.  In short: mobile music party makes a picture.

You should do this too.  Download the app (it’s free) and plan a journey through your town.  It’s like dancing with your city.  You don’t need to plan a whole parade or even involve music at all – you could just take a walk or a drive or bike ride with a friend or two and draw out something awesome.  Draw your spirit animal or spell out the word that best describes you. And take pictures or video while you do it.  Then share the map-picture and the footage with us.  We’ll compile the map-pictures and the best moments of making them into one glorious little film.

WANT TO JOIN US? Do you live near LA? Do you play a musical instrument?  Do you want to be in OK Go’s parade on Wednesday? Or do you NOT play a musical instrument but you can bang a pot/pan and dance? We’re playing an 8-mile long communal party-concert on Wednesday afternoon in LA. If you want to come, hit and let us know what instrument you play, or why we should invite you.

Project Page on Range Rover’s Site
Free iPhone App for making your own