December 4, 2015


As some of you may know, the band actually played at the Bataclan earlier this year. We are all devastated by what took place and so Damian wrote a song titled Bataclan. You can stream and download the full song from here. The song is also available on iTunes and all streaming services. Full proceeds derived from each download/play will reach UNHCR.

On November 13, The Climate Reality Project was hosting their 24 Hours of Reality broadcast from the base of the Eiffel tower when the terror attacks occurred, and they suspended their broadcast. This week, they’re airing a 2-hour special around the globe highlighting some of the events that were originally planned for the 13th. See the full broadcast here:

From Damian about the song:

This is my prayer for peace. The attack at the Bataclan brought violence and terror much closer to home for me — it’s a setting and scene I know so intimately, a place where people gather to share joy and love and song. In the face of the bombings in Beirut, the attacks in Mali, the downed Russian airliner, the shootings in the US, the ongoing atrocities in Syria, and so much more violence and war around the world, I pray that peace finds a way.