PYYRAMIDS’ Invisible Scream

Crowdsurfing hasn’t been an Olympic sport since 1996 (or so a wayward Wikipedian once told us) but it turns out we have a champion right here in the Paracadute stable. PYYRAMIDS’ frontlady Drea Smith demonstrates her more-than-able skills in their brand new fan-funded video for “Invisible Scream,” which you can watch below. It’s also the first track on a brand new PYYRAMIDS EP of the same name, featuring fresh songs and a live PJ Harvey cover. Watch it, dig it, and perhaps order your very own copy.


Tacos with Tim!



Tim and Drea and PYYRAMIDS are preparing to drop some science on the world in the form of a new EP and a video for “Invisible Scream.” But, should you be so inclined, they’re also prepared to drop personal, customized science on you.

Ever wanted to have tacos with Tim? Get a handmade mix CD from Drea? Have PYYRAMIDS play a house party at your place? Or a personal web concert? Being the future, you can now easily attain any one of these things and help make a new project a reality, all in one fell swoop. Thanks to PledgeMusic, this magical future-world is but a click away.


PYYRAMIDS of the Northeast Webcast

For those wondering about the odd seismic rumblings around the eastern seaboard this week, well, climate-change or no, it’s worth noting that PYYRAMIDS have been in the area. They play in Boston tonight and Brooklyn tomorrow. If you live in either of those fair burghs, both shows have much to recommend them. In Massachusetts, you can get all backwards-talky with Tim and Drea in the Twin Peaks-inspired Red Room at Cafe 939. And, if you’re in the New York area, you can see Tim perform in the ancestral home of his beard, Brooklyn.

And if you’re in neither of those places, have no fear, because the Red Room show tonight will be webcast! Tune in around 8:45 eastern time for a set by old OK Go pals Eytan and the Embassy (the charming lads behind the “Everything Changes” one-take video). PYYRAMIDS hit an hour or so later, running on standard rock club time.