WTF? Video Remix Project from OK Go

January 20, 2010


We are pleased to announce a video remix project for our video “WTF?”

We want you, our lovely and creative fans, to remix the WTF? video using the raw footage as shot by filmmaker Tim Nackashi. Tim shot the whole video using a “greenscreen” background like this:

Which allows you to supply your own background layer to the video like this:

So Remix Our Video!

We invite you to:


And don’t feel like you need to remix the entire video. A small excerpt is just fine. Here’s an example by our friend Casey Opstad (thanks Casey!).

Helpful Links

What is Chroma Key / Greenscreen?
Chroma Key / Greenscreen Tutorial for Final Cut Pro
Chroma Key / Greenscreen Tutorial for iMovie
Chroma Key / Greenscreen Tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro
Download the Greenscreen Footage File Here