Damian + Amanda + Neil + Ben = Rethink Music

April 25, 2011

Today, Damian joins his friends (and yours) Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, and Ben Folds at the Rethink Music conference in Boston to write and record eight songs in eight hours. Then play a concert. And release an album. And explore/re-conceptualize the entire notion of artistic creation and its mechanical dissemination and human reception in these topsy-turvy modern times of ours.

The webstream is embedded above, and can also be found directly at http://partyontheinternet.com/

To follow along on twitter, follow the hashtag #8in8

Naturally, we’ll be video streaming the entire eight hour process, beginning around 4 pm ET, or whenever we figure out how to plug everything in correctly. As soon as it is up and running we’ll embed the live stream here, and tell you all about it on Twitter, Facebook, etc.