More Ways To Skin Cats

August 4, 2011

Since the site launched last week, we’ve seen some interesting uses of the All Is Not Lost Video Dance Messenger (wow, AINLVDM is a terrible acronym…). Here’s a roundup of some ridiculous and impractical ways to use the site. We also want to see what you’ve come up with, from these categories or something entirely different. Send, post, blog, and tweet what you’ve made!

You can make avatars for Twitter or Facebook or any other type of account. Just type out your name, and at the video’s end, click on Message Card, save the resultant .jpg, and upload to Facebook, Twitter, or any other site.

For example:

Since the invention of typewriters, people have used the letters on their keyboards to make cool images, known as ASCII art. If you have tremendous amounts of free time, you can do the same with the Video Dance Messenger. Simply plan your message out so that each “word” has an equal number of characters. We recommend using a text editor and then pasting back into the site.

For example, if you type in this: —o— –o0o– -00×00- 00XXX00 -00×00- –o0o– —o— you get this:

Make a basic grid out of dashes (see below) and replace with your own characters.

A really time-consuming way to send IMs
Copy from the Message Card and paste into your current conversation.

What else you got…?