This picture disc & Lemon OTBCOTS vinyl are in stock

February 27, 2024


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This is a picture disc. It plays music and looks awesome at the same time. You need This. Will we ever run out of “this” puns? Probably not.

Side A has the studio recording of our new song “This” and Side B features a live performance of “This” with a symphony orchestra. It’s pretty spectacular. We’d call it a Double A-Side record if the jacket didn’t already say Side B on it.

In stock and shipping now!


What is OTBCOTS you ask? It’s this ⬆️. Our internal communications are full of abbreviations like this. Songs on this record include TTSP, IWYSBICB, WK, BFK, WTF? (actual title, not shorthand), and N/G. Anyway, we recently blew through a very short run of this pretty 180-gram lemon pressing, so we made more. This is probably it for this variant though (no “this” puns intended), so get it before it’s gone.

Also in stock and shipping now!