The Mysteries of PYYRAMIDS, Revealed.

October 14, 2011

October 31st is Halloween and while we’re sure you already have plans for all kinds of costumed debauchery, sugar consumption, TPing of one-percenters, and the like, we feel you should be aware of all your options. Because Halloween is also the release date of Human Beings, the debut EP by PYYRAMIDS, led by none other than Timothy (“Tim”) Nordwind of OK Go and Drea Smith, formerly of He Say She Say. It also happens to be the first release on OK Go’s Paracadute label not by OK Go themselves, which we think is rather awesome in and of itself.

The music is strange and moody and even kind of spooky, perfect for Halloween. So go ahead and listen to the whole Human Beings EP. It’s available as delicious high-quality mp3s or 10-inch vinyl (!!). Tim and Drea are prepping for some more live shows in the Los Angeles area. Join the mailing list for updates, plus a sweet free mp3. They’d love to have you. And, hey, even if you do plan on deploying some good old-fashioned TP, you’re gonna need a soundtrack for that, right?