Design Your Own OK Go T-Shirts

August 15, 2015

Emphasis T-Shirt

Quick – what’s your favorite OK Go lyric? Did you post it on your Insta? Tweet it? Use it as your status? Now you can wear it and then take a picture of it and post it next to the picture of a picture with all the hashtags you can think of. But how?

Design it yourself and get tons of knowing nods, compliments, likes, and favorites. Be the coolest. People will heart you.

We’ve teamed up with Emphasis to let you personalize your own OK Go lyric t-shirts! Once you’ve picked your favorite lyric, the shirt color, fonts, ink colors, and layout are your call.

Emphasis handles the rest with an easy-to-use system. See more examples and #OKGoDesignYourOwn shirt. Use the hashtag and be the envy of your friends.