Lambchild Superstar is out now

December 22, 2022

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Happy holidays, everyone.


The day is upon us. Lambchild Superstar is turned loose to frolic among us all. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, joyous holidays to all. Go forth and rock our pants off.

(Lambchild Superstar is our free new VR experience. If you have a gaming PC and a wired headset, immerse yourself ASAP.)


You do, however, need a gaming PC with a wired VR headset to run it.  So If you know someone with a Meta Quest, get them this sync cable or air bridge as a holiday gift. They will make countless delightful songs for you.


There’s a more in-depth description of this project on our website, and the song in the video, which we made in the Lambchild Superstar app last week, is waiting for you at Myxstem where you can listen and remix it to your heart’s delight.



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