This Too Shall Pass (Flash Mix)

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It’s a big day for blockbuster comic book action movies — The Flash is in movie theaters! We’re all going to see Michael Keaton reprise his role as Batman (he is the best Batman) of course, but you should stick around for the end credits because there is a treat in store for you.


If you can’t make it to the theater, head over to your favorite music listening service and check out the new mix of “This Too Shall Pass” we had made just for this film. You might be asking yourselves, “Why would OK Go bother to make a new mix of this song? It’s already a masterpiece.” And we would agree with you. However, it seems the people that own movie theaters were nervous that the song was so powerful it might explode the surround sound systems and leave their customers feeling scorched. Dave Fridmann explains the science of how this may occur right here.


So we asked Dave if he might “recall the song” (that’s a studio engineering term, kids) on his fancy mixing board and put something together that would be less likely to burn down a movie theater, and he obliged. For a bonus, he mixed the song in the super awesome Dolby Atmos spatial audio format. Here’s some info on spatial audio and how to listen to it.