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We love you and we’re happy that some of the world still has the self respect to communicate with words.  And we have big words to share:


It’s called “This” and you can hear it right now.

Some of the new-fangled social media types in our orbit are concerned about the title “This.” We’ve heard the phrase “search engine optimization” bandied about. What they don’t seem to realize is this (pun intended): the internet is organized alphabetically, so everyone who listens to “This” will be guided straight into  “This Too Shall Pass.” We’re certain of it. And that is how you win in the modern music industry. Take that, naysayers.

Speaking of the modern music industry, check out this cool visualizer that we made, with the help of Jeff Desom and Steven Meizler.

Why now? Well, the song was written for The Beanie Bubble, the film Damian co-directed with his wife Kristin which opens in theaters in LA and NYC today(!) and hits AppleTV+ and 100 more theaters in just one week. MovieWeb just called it “one of the best films of the year,” and Deadline says it’s “razor sharp…smart, engaging, eye-opening.”

Here’s how Damian described the song:

I wrote the song “This” about Kristin, my wife and co-director, and about the unexpected places we find fulfillment. It’s about how heaven is the glow in the margins around the everyday patterns of family life. But it’s also the victorious anthem we needed for the closing moments of our film. After almost two hours of a musical journey through twentieth-century pop music (which is like the most satisfying mix tape of all time, for me personally), we needed the final beat of the film to bring viewers back to the present day. Our fable about the American Dream is over, and as the lights come up we want you sinking into that bittersweet-victory flavor of nostalgia. That’s the feeling we want you to leave the theater with.

So there you have it folks. BRAND NEW MUSIC is finally here, and there is lots more where that came from to share with you soon.